About us

It’s frustrating not having clarity. Not knowing what to do next, to take your idea and make it a living breathing business and brand –not just a website or logo.

We've seen it time and time again. You have your idea, you ask a few companies to quote for it. Then you wait... When you receive the quotes they are so vastly different from each other your exasperation increases.

Or, you’re already working with a supplier but you feel they just don’t get what you’re trying to achieve. Though actually, you secretly feel kinda sorry for them, as you’re not sure you know yourself exactly what you're after.

The issue is your starting point. If you're not starting from a solid foundation your task is that much harder to achieve a quality project. You need clarity.

You're in good hands with us, as our vision is to help small to medium sized businesses and independent workers gain clarity, develop strategy and take action, empowering them to thrive, and we've developed The Clarity Programme to do just that.

It may not be what you're used to, but you've tried that already. Now's the time to get clarity and use digital marketing effectively to give your business a boost. Take the first step on to the Clarity Programme and book yourself a Clarity Assessment, then let us help you set a clear path for success.

Our values

We are driven by a core set of values which define all we do.

Clarity Simplicity and clarity are the way forward. Let's get rid of the unnecessarily complicated
Authenticity We speak from who we are, not from someone we're not
Empowerment We love to empower people to do things they couldn't before
Collaboration Silos are so last year. We value collaboration as a key driver for success
Curiosity Never stop learning. Our healthy curiosity drives us to discover more

Our People

Richard Lalchan – Founder

Richard has been working on the web for over 20 years. He has worked with clients large and small, but much prefers helping small businesses and independent workers gain clarity and make an impact in their community.

In tandem with helping others gain clarity, through his Clarity Coach brand he coaches creatives and entrepreneurs to release their true potential and change the world.

He also founded Creatives Hub –a network of creatives, with a view to helping each other to ditch distraction, punch procrastination and make a living out of their creativity.


Development Partner

Our wonderful development partner based in the Ukraine, allows us to provide top quality WordPress specific development, enhancing our capabilities and capacity to deliver.

They are specialists in WordPress and we have had the pleasure or working with them for nearly three years.