Redundancy kicks butt into action

After much procrastination, redesigns and re-structures, I have finally put my site live with the added kick of being made redundant a few weeks ago.  

I already had a venture in freelancing several years ago but now after much learning I am looking forwards to doing it all again. I have a couple of jobs on the go, but always looking for more. Could I be working with you?


New Business Cards

For I wanted to keep it simple. The style was based on my natty rounded cornered business cards supplied from MOO. The strong turquoise and red colours play a key role in the identity along with the cube logo. I wanted to have a strong link into my twitter account and prominently display some of my portfolio.

I've been reading loads the past few months, from the 'A Book Apart' series - CSS3 For Web Designers, and HTML5 for Web Designers, to the wonderful Designing with CSS dvd and Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke. These are a mine of information and as well as teaching me a lot of new information, they have helped me add structure to some things that Ithought I'd learnt years ago.

As I am primarily a designer who does a bit of coding, I wanted to try experiment with some elements new to me such as css gradientsand then some JQuery implementation whilst integrating them into my content management system of choice - Squarespace. I will write a further blog on Squarespace and why I use this system as oppose to others. I have been using it now for 18months or so and am still very happy with the flexibility of it. I'm very excited to note that Squarespace are working on version 6. I can't wait to see it released and get to use it myself.


I'm currently working on a client login area to provide easy access to Basecamp, the project management tool I use, and the finance software to pay invoices along with other items useful to my clients.

As always you have a little help along the way and I want to mention are @jonnyback for the photograph of me at the top. Other shots will appear on future pages, and Rachel and Andrew for checking over copy and testing respectively.

I hope you like what you see so far. Please feel free to let me know in the comments below.