Is your website getting visitors to take action?

Is your website getting visitors to take action?

Is your website getting visitors to take action? Are they taking the actions that you want?  Here are a few questions you need to ask, to help you assess how well your site is working for you.

Are you a Google AdWords virgin? And what the heck is remarketing?

Ian Christie of IC Works help us get our heads around GoogleAdWords and Remarketing, tools to help your website generate traffic and become a success.

How to create a great about page

The About page is usually one of the highest viewed pages on a site. So how do you make sure it's working for you? We take a look at what makes a great About page.

Ten reasons you need to be blogging

Blogs are an increasingly important way to market your business, yet many don't use them. Here's ten reasons why you should.

What is a landing page and why are they important?

A landing page is simply any page on your website that a visitor is sent to directly –usually through an advertising campaign, sponsored post or a newsletter– and that has a specific call to action. But how can you use them effectively? We delve into the art of landing pages.

How to audit your website content

Most people start out with good intentions when they first develop their website’s content. However, over time – as more and more is added – it’s easy to forget to do an audit. Here's some practical tips on how you can get yours underway.

Your guide to top content management systems

At some point you are likely to upgrade your website and it will be really useful for you – the end user – to have a basic understanding of how a Content Management System or CMS works. Here's our guide to CMS's focusing on Perch, Squarespace and Wordpress that we use regularly.

How to extend your brand through podcasting

Podcasts are a great way to promote your brand and to help build a community. They are easy to produce and you probably have most of the equipment to get started.

How to make your customers inbox squeal with delight

Our email inboxes are personal. They are also crowded. So how do you make your customers inbox squeal with delight on receiving your newsletter?

How to get started with email marketing

Are you feeling under pressure because ‘everyone else is doing email newsletters’? Not sure where to start? In this article we give you the step-by-step information you’ll need to feel confident about sending your first email newsletter.

5 mistakes to avoid to make your web content shine

Avoiding these 5 common mistakes can make your website content shine.