What is a landing page and why are they important?

A landing page is simply any page on your website that a visitor is sent to directly –usually through an advertising campaign, sponsored post or a newsletter– and that has a specific call to action. But how can you use them effectively? We delve into the art of landing pages.

Staying current - how to keep up with web trends

Have you seen this new app to improve productivity? Have you read this blog post? Have you seen the new gadget coming out next week? Have you heard of the latest virus or bug to affect websites?

What's the process for designing a website?

What is the definition of good quality design and how do we achieve it? How has the process for designing a site changed over the years?

Redundancy kicks butt into action

After much procrastination, redesigns and re-structures, I have finally put my site live with the added kick of being made redundant a few weeks ago.