Creative Expo 2017: Who the heck are you selling to?

Taking place at The Weston Auditorium, De Havilland Campus, the University of Hertfordshire on 1st June 2017, this free to attend one-day event provides an excellent opportunity to exhibit, promote and network with like minded people. 

From visual arts and the performing arts through to media and creative technologies The Creative Expo welcomes a cross-section of businesses and organisations from the creative industries to showcase their work. 

As a visitor, you will meet business owners, entrepreneurs, directors and managers from over 70 representatives. You will have the opportunity to attend programmed creative industry seminars, watch inspiring performances and view the work of established and up and coming artists in the art and design gallery.

The expo is aimed at:

  • start-ups and established businesses.
  • young artists and entrepreneurs interested in breaking into the creative sector.
  • designers, manufacturers and suppliers.
  • entertainers, musicians, performance companies and artists.
  • producers, agents and providers of marketing and PR support.
  • venues and training establishments.
  • legal, business and financial service providers.


This year’s Culture & Wellbeing Zone is sure to be a hive of activity with many professional industry seminars & Q&A sessions, that will offer practical advice, insight, and creative knowledge from those in the know - like us!

We are looking forward to presenting our seminar on “Who the heck are you selling to?” an interactive seminar which will guide attendees in understanding why successful businesses appeal to a smaller, more niche audience and how to find who that is for you.  

One of the biggest mistakes we see small businesses making is trying to appeal to everyone. If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll end up appealing to no-one!  But I won't say anymore–come along to our seminar at 2.20pm on June 1st.

We will also be showcasing our new Digital Marketing Coaching Programme designed to empower small businesses with the knowledge and confidence to develop and execute a winning digital marketing strategy.

For more information about the Creative Expo or to register visit The Creative Expo website.