Business vision: who are you accountable to?

It’s not good to be alone. Bill Gates had Paul Allen. Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak. But it’s not just about the business partner. It’s not just about one area of accountability. 

At a networking meeting once, I met a business coach who asked me what I did. I explained how I helped to empower CEOs and MDs to manage their own marketing and online presence by having a level of accountability. I told him about the creatives network we run - Creatives Hub, and how I helped others get accountability to help them make a living out of their creativity.

He looked at me and said ‘That all sounds great but who are you accountable to?

At the time, I had my minihub group, but it’s a little different when you are running the group. It has a different dynamic even though I have certainly received a level of accountability through it.

That question kicked me into realising I needed more accountability. Shortly after that I took the plunge, employed a business coach for myself and have seen the direction of my business transformed. It’s helped to set the foundation for the future direction. I have clarity. But I would not have got there on my own. I needed help.

I get by with a little help...

We can all use a little help now and then. It’s a strength to admit this, not a weakness. Even multi-billionaire Richard Branson once said “No matter how smart you are or how brilliant or disruptive your business concept might be, every entrepreneur needs a good mentor.

Every successful entrepreneur or business owner needs to keep evolving and improving both personally and professionally in order to achieve their overall vision – accountability is the only way to achieve this. This rings true for any successful person. 

Think for a moment of your favourite professional athlete or singer. He or she may have amazing inborn talent, but they all required coaching in some form or another to reach their  level of success – they were all accountable to someone.  

Having a professional to help you reach your goal means that they can help you set realistic targets and provide guidance gained from their own experience and success along the way. They can  ask you those difficult questions without accepting excuses and push you out of your comfort zone to accelerate your vision.

Your existing structures are not enough

Many business owners have one area of accountability which could be a partner, a husband or wife. It may be a mastermind or networking group. But I’ve seen those who are truly successful always put in place several areas where they know they need to be accountable. Accountability to people who relate to them and truly understand the unavoidable and often necessary steps that go along with running a successful business:

  • The dread that comes along with having to arrange that meeting consigning someone to redundancy
  • The knots in your stomach when you finally push the button on a blog post that completely changes the direction of your business knowing that many of your clients will be upset
  • The fear that precedes making the call to a client telling them you are no longer going to be working with them due to their inability to pay
  • The coming to reality about your expenditure being higher than your income and having to significantly cut back plans, even terminating supplier contracts

And with all those situations and much more, the worry, the sleepless nights agonising over decisions. Changing your mind again and again.

But you cannot build or run a business by purely fire-fighting. Being accountable provides the motivation that is required when you need to push through fear or doubt and take action to make your vision a reality.

Winning begins with accountability

As Henry J. Evans, author of Winning with Accountability wrote, “In reality, winning begins with accountability. You cannot sustain success without accountability. It is an absolute requirement!

So if you’re finding yourself treading water, don’t give up. It happens to the best of us. No matter who you are everyone has a blind spot, a comfort zone that needs shaking up, a hesitation clouding an untapped opportunity just waiting to be revealed.

Consider making yourself accountable to a professional and truly take ownership of your time by committing to the discipline needed to push through procrastination, ditch doubt and take action to get the results you deserve.

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