Business vision: who are you accountable to?

Business vision: who are you accountable to?

Every successful entrepreneur or business owner needs to keep evolving and improving both personally and professionally in order to achieve their overall vision – accountability is the only way to achieve this.  Who are you accountable to?

How to stop firefighting and deal with future planning

How to stop firefighting and deal with future planning

As a business owner or independent worker you’ll have lots on your plate. How can you stop firefighting and make time to deal with future planning? It’s always the business planning and marketing that gets dropped. Business owner, Richard Lalchan shows you how to keep it on the agenda.

What to do once your website goes live

Launching your website should just be the start of your venture into the online world of business. Here's a guide as to why we don't always think about this and what we can do about it.

4 tips to plan your online success in 2014

This month we have four tips to help you plan for success online in 2014. We can say with confidence that if you do some planning in 4 areas, it will definitely be time well spent.

6 Key Considerations when Successfully Commissioning a Website

I've been working on websites on and off for the last 17 years. These 6 key considerations are gleaned from that experience to help you when you come to commission a website -or redesign your site, look to develop an app -or other design project.

Redundancy kicks butt into action

After much procrastination, redesigns and re-structures, I have finally put my site live with the added kick of being made redundant a few weeks ago.