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Regular Marketing coaching to empower your online presence

Why thinking " if you build it, they will come " is impacting your growth.

Why thinking "if you build it, they will come" is impacting your growth.

Who's running your marketing?

Many businesses and entrepreneurs approach their online presence with a sense of ‘If you build it they will come’. This thinking is destroying your growth!

Once you create your online presence you want people to find you. You need to stand out. This is part of a marketing plan delivering on your strategy to create awareness and traffic to your site. This additional investment is what provides you with a return on your original upfront costs of the website. Without it, you may have a beautiful site that no-one ever sees; an wonderfully crafted email campaign that doesn't reach it's intended audience; social media posts that gain zero response.

It’s easy to be enthused and motivated, knowing what to do whilst in the process of launching your website or developing your brand, but what happens when it’s live? What action steps do you then need to take?

Even if your website has been live for years, who’s making sure your marketing strategy is being implemented? You do have a marketing strategy don’t you? Many small businesses do not have an in-house marketing manager. However, in order to optimise your online marketing, having expert advice gives you an advantage over your competition.

Without it, it’s easy to spend money in the wrong places –or not spend at all and see your initial investment in your website and online presence dry up.

Weekly, 60min sessions make sure you:

  • spend at least an hour each week keeping on top of your marketing
  • have clarity on your brand and business direction
  • have brand consistency –very important for a successful brand
  • create your marketing plans to grow your online presence
  • set appropriate goals and budget for your online marketing
  • provide guidance and accountability in executing your plans and tactics
  • spend your money in the right areas
  • take the actions that will make a difference
  • are able to deal with new online marketing challenges
  • keep up launch momentum
  • are measuring and reporting on the effects of your marketing tactics
  • are effectively using social media
  • are continually learning about marketing
  • are receiving the latest, up-to-date marketing education
  • are empowered to run your own marketing in future
In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.
— Seth Godin

Marketing Coaching provides small business owners with:

  • Guidance on creating a strong online presence
  • Accountability to execute on your marketing plans
  • Advice on the best places to invest your online budget...

This provides a clear plan to execute for the most effective marketing with the best results.

It is much more efficient on your budget than waiting until it is too late and trying to fix things.

A person who stops marketing to save money, are like those who stop a clock to save time.
— Henry Ford

The details

  • Sessions are for one hour
  • Online meeting over GoToMeeting or Skype
  • Calls are one to one only
  • One session weekly (up to maximum of four per month)
  • No lengthy contract

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Your investment

£450 per month standard rate
A one off session is £125