Marketing Coaching Programme


Frequently asked questions

1. What areas will we cover?

Please see our Marketing Coaching Page for an answer to this question.

2. What don’t you cover?

This is NOT a technical training session. I.e. We will not be going through with you how to setup/manage your website or online presence. Separate training can be available for that. On odd occasions we may share some technical issues as they arise in our sessions, but this is more strategic than technical.

3. Am I tied into a long contract?

No. You can cancel whenever you want. We may ask to finish the months worth of sessions if cancelling mid way through a month you have already paid for, but we are flexible.

4. Can I book a one off session?

Yes. One-off sessions can be booked at the cost of £125.

5. Will we be working through a set plan?

From our 20 years developing clients online presence, and several years training clients on Digital Media, Content Creation and Strategy we know the key elements you will need to have an effective website and online strategy. However, each person is different and the pace and order of content will vary as it will be tailored to you and your specific situation.

6. What if I wanted to bring someone else in to a call?

The calls are one-to-one. On very specific instances we may allow a colleague to be involved, but this will be rare. They can also sign up for their own session if it’s what they need.

7. How are the calls carried out?

We use a mixture of Zoom or Skype which ever is more appropriate for the situation. On some occasions we may be able to meet up in person, though this may incur additional cost. Just ask.

8. What do I need for the online sessions?

You will need a computer with a web cam and mic. Make sure you are in a quiet space and we suggest you use headphones to be able to hear clearly and not receive feedback (the sound from your speakers feeding back into your mic in an endless loop).

9. What will be expected of me in each session?

Each session you will be given tasks to complete. It is important for your benefit and to get the most out of the sessions, that you complete the work, or at least attempt it.

Also, you may find it useful to take notes even if the session is being recorded.

Be prepared to repeat and clarify things which may seem obvious to you, but not to someone outside your business. This can be a frustrating part of coaching as you feel you are paying to say things you already know. However, this can also be one of the most rewarding areas as often, you can think things are clear in your head–until you start to explain it. Then you realise, this is exactly why you need the coaching as you are nowhere near as clear as you thought.

10. What if we don’t get on?

Finding the right coach is very important. It’s not a given that you will instantly click with your coach. The Clarity Assessment/Discovery call will help to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Don’t mix someone speaking directly and authoritatively (though always encouragingly) to you as not getting on. One of the key aspects of coaching is having a level of accountability with a person outside your business. This can sometimes lead to being told things you might not want to hear. This is different from not getting on which is usually a personality clash. This is fine. Let’s just be honest about it and move on so you find a coach that clicks with you.

11. Are the sessions recorded?

The sessions are not recorded as standard. Though we can arrange this if you feel it will be useful.

12. How do you take payment?

You will be issued with a payment link for the amount of sessions you require. Payment is made using any debit or credit card and always before the first session. Full information will be included on any invoices.

13. This all sounds great and just what I need. How do I get going?

Head back to our Marketing Coaching Page and hit the big red button to book in a 30min free Discovery call. Or failing that, email or give Richard a call on 07974 575 422. Just make sure you take action!